Tips & Tricks Nr. 4 - The importance of the correct powder velocity

A wrongly set powder velocity in the powder hose can result in serious consequences.
Too high a powder velocity means:
  • Increased wear in the injector and in the gun (nozzle wedge, nozzle body, gun attachment)
  • Blow off effects when coating.
  • Problem areas will be poorly coated due to poor air flow.
  • Unnecessarily high air consumption.

If the speed is too low this will give rise to:
  • Powder deposits in the hose.
  • Irregular powder output (spitting)
Only with the correct powder velocity do we get a homogeneous powder cloud.

So far so good. Now, how high is the correct powder velocity? How do you calculate the total air quantity necessary for this? And how do you set this on the control unit? Find the answers in the next issues of our Tips & Tricks.
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