The Wagner Tips & Tricks: Standard application values

By: Andreas Schöttke, WAGNER Applications Technology

In my capacity as  Applications Technician at WAGNER, I am in contact with customers. In this column, I would like to tell you about the most frequent problems I have been confronted with and - more particularly - about the solutions to these. Just take a look; it will definitely be worthwhile.

Gun Performance

The gun performance describes the area which a spray gun can coat in one minute.

This is how the gun performance is calculated:

Powder Output Measurement

This measurement is of interest if you want to find out how the wear on wearing parts affects the powder consumption, or whether the individual guns deliver an equal amount of powder at the same setting. In order to measure the powder output an empty powder measuring bag is weighed and fixed to the gun. Then powder is sprayed through the gun for precisely one minute. At the end the powder bag is weighed.


Nozzle systems
Fan spray nozzle

The Fan spray nozzle is widely used in modern coating plant. The reason for this is the more uniform coating and the greater effective depth.
Deflector cone

Deflector cones tend to generate a picture frame affect. The smaller the deflector plate the less critical is this effect.
Wide fan spray nozzle

This nozzle system, also known colloquially as a duck's bill, is used for larger outputs of powder due to its geometry.


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