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Quality without compromise

Today consumers are looking at the surface of products - and with good reason. Brilliant surfaces on not only pleasing to the eye. Their strength and durability ensure protection against corrosion, help environmental protection and safeguard functionality and a long working life.

Innovative surface finishing technology - optimises all required product combinations together and in doing so looks for the most beneficial operational solution. We have taken upon ourselves the task of protecting and improving the surface of products. In a nutshell: we are already becoming a worldwide leader in the surface finishing equipment market.

From the past .... into the future In the Seventies WAGNER AG in Switzerland began manufacturing and marketing powder coating applications in Europe. Since then WAGNER has grown continually. By developing internationally and by the purchase of companies e.g. ESB (Germany), ITEP (Italy) and RECLAIM (USA), we have today built up a global marketing and service network.

WAGNER is present for its customers throughout the world. Our "Surface" expertise is not limited only to powder coating. A comprehensive product range is offered world-wide - for the home handyman, trade and industry, for everything of importance to paint shops.

Today WAGNER has a complete range of powder equipment - from manual right up to complex fully automatic systems. Each installation is individually designed to meet your requirements as a customer precisely and to the highest standards of quality economy and operating safety.

In the future to we want to continue to grow with the requirements of our customers and we promise to keep on improving our stringent quality requirements.

In this we take a particular interest in the service for our customers - quick, competent and reliable. We shall support you in optimising the availability of your equipment. The products below will allow you to tailor the service you need to your requirements.


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