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WAGNER Powder Feed Technology
A neat and clean solution!
Monitoring of color change and powder consumption!
Inline Pump IP 5000
The perfect pump for for feeding powder without restrictions regarding container sizes
Ultrasound sieve
Better coating surfaces for multi-colour operation in powder coating.
The powder feed center
For reliable and constant powder feeding.

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Injector PI-P1/PI-F1
For precise dosing and smooth even powder delivery

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The Conductive powder hose
Avoids electrostatic discharges when touching the hose.

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AFC Module
For a constant powder output and a precise film thickness distribution on the work-piece.

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Powder container 120 L
For automatic powder coating systems

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Powder container L-D1
Powder delivery containers for small and large coating tasks

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Screening trolley with peristaltic powder conveyor
For frequent and quick color changes

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