Accessories for Corona automatic guns

Multi-function nozzle systems complement the versatility of the WAGNER spray guns. The coherent and easily handled range of nozzles always provides right spray cloud - no matter what the contours of the work-piece.

Flex-Nozzle - the variable flat jet nozzle system

F1 - soft cloud with wide flat jet for flat parts
F2 - dense cloud with narrow flat jet for partial or fast coating
F3 - fast cloud with targeted flat jet for reduced edge build up

Round jet nozzle
R20, R28, R 38

For large areas and uniform film thickness distribution.


Nozzle extension 300/150 mm

Best suited for coating deep work pieces.


Conversion made easy

Our new accessories fit on all earlier models C2 and C3 - conversion is no problem with the retrofit kits!



Corona-Star to combat the "orange peel effect"

The orange peel effect can occur if awkward shapes are coated with high film thickness or if the coating powder used has a tendency to form orange peel easily.  


Angle adapter for PEA-C4 XL 30°, 60° and 90°

This attachment enables an aimed direction of the powder cloud to the problem zones. It can be freely rotated 360° on the gun.


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