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PC 430 - Can be used to apply textured plasters and decorative coating materials.


PC 830 - Ideal for tex- tured plasters with a grain size up to 3 mm, fillers and EIFS adhesives.


PC 25 - High-performance supply and application unit for the interior and outside area.


PC 35 - Powerful supply- and application unit for the interior and outside area.




Powerful spiral pumps
are used for the application of plaster indoors and outdoors.Transport devices, mixers, spraying lances and a variety of practical accessories are perfectly matched to each other.




Unique: A performance capability of 0-12 l/min and ability to handle materials with a grain size up to 3 mm make the PC 830 the perfect partner on the building site.



The gas spring allows a vertical height adjustment: Practical to work direct from the original container and also for transport.



Convenient: The automatic stator extraction on the PC 430 and PC 830 units provides the conditions for quick, simple assembly, and also easy cleaning. 

  The PlastCoat family:
PC 430
 PC 430
PC 830
 PC 830
 PC 25
 PC 35

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