Airless Airless accessories FineFinish Plastering Line striping Userfriendly and innovative painting equipments for the professionals!


Airless paint spraying procedure.


Airless accessories

Useful tools for your work with Airless units.


Temperature controlled spraying

Optimised paint application.



Air-supported paint spraying.


FineFinish accessories

Practical accessories for FineFinish units.


Plaster spraying

Machine-supported plaster application.



Road and surface marking.


... with WAGNER's paint spraying technology. Whether it is for coating facades, painting interior walls and ceilings, or high-quality varnishing of a wide variety of objects, our product range and numerous application-specific accessories will help you carry out your tasks rationally, more easily and more efficiently.


Yes for spraying ...advantages which decide! 

  • Work made easier by a wide range of practical accessories
  • Optimal construction site logistics
  • Safe work

Optimised working conditions mean construction site jobs can be dealt with effectively.



  • Excellent surface finish
  • Consistent quality throughout the job
  • Uniform application of paint

Convincing quality. A result that you and your customers can be proud of.




  • Meet work deadlines
  • Increase order volumes
  • Remain competitive

Competitive advantages that speak for themselves.




Contractor services
Extend your warranty to 5 years!

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