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The advantages of this paint spraying technology are:

  • Controlled soft spray jet
  • No edge streaks
  • Excellent surfaces

FineFinish atomisation techniques

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1. AirCoat painting - air supported airless atomisation

In the AirCoat process (Airless + Air) the material is pushed through the nozzle at a relatively low pressure (30 - 120 bar) using a piston pump or a diaphragm pump, and supported by compressed air (0.5 to 2.5 bar) in the atomising process This is made possible by the central air feed (air cap) which is fitted immediately at the nozzle bore and surrounds the sprayed medium like a sheath

2. FineCoat painting - low-pressure air spraying

FineCoat is a low-pressure air spraying technique working with large quantities of air at low pressure (up to 0.7 bar). The atomising air generated in the turbo-blower flows through an air hose into the paint reservoir of the FineCoat gun and builds up the pressure there. Due to this the coating material is fed to the nozzle through the riser tube and atomised with the rest of the air.

3. FineSpray painting

In the FineSpray process the material is atomised with the aid of air that is fed in by a compressor. When the trigger on the gun is pulled, first of all the preliminary air is opened and then the material needle is pulled back. This allows the spraying material into the nozzle. There is a choice of three pressure ranges with the Wagner FineSpray guns: the economical low pressure technique, the fast, classical high-pressure technique and the ideal combination of these - the medium pressure technique.

AirCoat painting
FineCoat painting
FineSpray painting

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