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New: TradeTip 2 nozzle

...perfect and long lasting

The nozzle is at the heart of airless spraying. The nozzle core is responsible for the quality of the coating results because this is where the material is atomised into a spray jet as it passes through. It is made of a tungsten carbide alloy and the resistant nozzle bore provides a constant spray angle for a long period.

Nozzle core of the highest precision. The bore diameter determines the flow rate and
thus the amount of paint being applied.
The nozzle angle determines the width of the spray jet.

The ideal distance from object is always about 300 mm.

Quickly and easily cleaned thanks to its excellent construction: simply rotate the nozzle and flush out - completely without tools.

First class surfaces with the right nozzle and gun filter.

Nozzles for every application

For optimal matching to the particular object there is a choice of three nozzle types with a wide variety of nozzle sizes with the new TradeTip 2 nozzle from Wagner.

TradeTip 2

A broad spectrum of uses for the application of primers. emulsions, flame proofing and corrosion protection, right up to airless spraying plasters. First class surfaces.

TradeTip 2 WideFinish

The new nozzle creates a very wide spray for a high surface yield.

TradeTip 2 - FineFinish

The top of the range painting nozzle for particularly high-grade finishes. Optimal atomisation even in the low pressure ranges. Easy to use.

TradeTip 2 - LineFinish

The special nozzle for high quality lining and marking work. Sharp edges, so precise clean lines.

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